NEW Riverbank Activity Mat and Fabric Book for Little Explorers ✨

Let the little ones imaginations soar ✨ We are thrilled to introduce our new soft play range featuring a lilypad-shaped Activity Mat and a captivating Fabric Book, designed as part of our Riverbank Collection. Ready to spark imagination and foster early development, these products offer a world of interactive play and storytelling. Join us on this adventure as we explore the enchanting Riverbank and its lovable wildlife friends!

Riverbank Activity Mat
In the shape of a lilypad, our Riverbank Activity Mat is home to a whole host of wildlife friends. Let your little one explore the exciting range of interactive play elements - from crinkly dragonfly wings to the fluffy, squeaking duck and friendly frog, perfect for stimulating your child's senses and fine motor skills. Little explorers can touch, grab, and explore, fostering curiosity and discovery with every interaction.


Riverbank Fabric Book
An Enchanting Story Unfolds: Complementing the activity mat, our Riverbank Fabric Book takes the little ones on a journey along the Riverbank, with the same lovable characters they've come to adore. As you read together, your little one can immerse themselves in the story while feeling the different textures on each page. An interactive experience which not only nurtures a love for reading, but also enhances sensory exploration.

Discover the magic of the Riverbank today and let your child's imagination take flight. Join us on this whimsical journey where wildlife friends and endless adventures await. Shop our Riverbank Activity Mat and Fabric Book today.

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