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    We became friends over 10 years ago whilst living and working in the Big Apple. In the city that never sleeps, we dreamed big about the future and of one day embarking on our own business venture. 

    After further stints working abroad and more travel, we both ended up back in our hometown of London. A husband each, little kiddies in tow and numerous interior design projects under our belts (last count 9 house moves!), we decided the time seemed right to chase down those New York dreams.

    We both loved the fresh colours and soft geometric inspired prints from our years abroad. A palette of vibrant colours, beautiful prints, and the art of mixing and matching it all together. But when it came to buying things for our homes, our babies, or children's bedrooms we couldn't find what we were looking for on these shores.

    So we decided to design a product that would showcase what we're all about. Something stylish for mum or dad and playful as well as luxurious for baby. Something useful that you can take everywhere, and not compromise your own style. Something that makes you feel happy when you look at it in the same way your handbag used to before you had to trade it in for the “mummy bag” that transports rice cakes, nappies and wipes.

    And there's more to come. We're working on using our designs to create a beautiful nursery.

    Helen & Fiona