NEW AW23 Nature Trail Collection 🪶

NEW AW23 Nature Trail Collection 🪶

We are so excited to launch our NEW Nature Trail Print Collection 🪶 Discover the soothing blues, earthy neutral browns, and the delightful baby quail embroidered across the collection. Join us as we explore the magic of this collection, which is perfect for little ones embarking on their own nature-filled journeys. Scroll to learn more...

The Inspiration Behind AW23 Nature Trail Collection:
This collection will take us to childhood memories of rambling through the woods. On a weekend family walk, with parents leading the way, leaves crunching under little feet, and the family dog plodding aside, a curiosity of the outdoors is found. Follow the trail to collect little treasures, and spot the quail as they meander through the path ahead, leaving footprints in the ground. When the warmth of home is reached, little ones lay their artefacts out, treasures of their day spent exploring.

Calming Blues and Neutral Browns:
The colour palette of this collection is thoughtfully chosen to reflect the tranquility and earthiness of the outdoors. Calming blues mimic the clear skies above, while neutral browns embody the natural hues of tree bark and the forest floor. 

Baby Quail Embroidery:
The baby quail, beautifully embroidered across our Nature Trail collection, adds a touch of whimsy and wonder. These adorable birds can be spotted meandering through the path ahead, leaving their tiny footprints in the ground. The quail serve as a symbol of the innocent curiosity that children posses as they explore their surroundings.

Collecting Little Treasures:
Just like children on a nature walk, our little ones can collect their own treasures from their adventures. Whether it's a vibrant leaf, a smooth pebble, or a delicate feather, the Nature Trail collection encourages kids to appreciate the beauty of the world around them. 

Memories of a Day Spent Exploring:
As the warmth of home is reached at the end of the day, little ones can lay out their collected artifacts, reminiscent of their day spent exploring. This collection aims to inspire a connection to nature and create cherished memories of outdoor adventures.⁠

Click here to browse the entire collection today. 

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