Mums Supporting Mums 🌻 Happy Mother’s Day

Mums Supporting Mums 🌻 Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day you superstars 🌻 We are harnessing the brilliant collective voice from our mum community and have gathered words of wisdom from mums, for mums. The journey of being a mother is like no other, and sometimes we just need some laughter, support and advice. Take some time today to reflect on your journey, read and share these brilliant words from other lovely mums out there. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Happy Mother’s Day! 

"Your house isn’t messy, it’s just creatively lived in."

"You will learn amazing strengths you didn’t know you had!"

"Who needs an alarm clock when you have a toddler?"

"Enjoy every moment. The days may feel long but the years are short."

"The only job where you get paid in snuggles and drawings."

"Listen to your gut and not the noise. There is no right or wrong way."

"Their smile is the best reward."

"It may be the hardest thing you do, but it is oh so worth it."

"Pregnancy has been tougher than I ever thought and I’m so proud of my body and me."

"Don’t worry about what you think parenthood should be."

"There’s no such thing as perfect parenting."

"Never give up on a French plait! You are a mum and hair stylist."

"Motherhood is a journey of constant learning and growth."

"Your new diet - food your child didn’t finish!"

"The most unnerving thing in the world? A quiet toddler."

"You’re stronger than you think."

"Parenthood: where ‘me time’ is a hot shower with an audience."

"Coffee: the unofficial sponsor of motherhood."

"Forgive yourself for not having all the answers; no one does."

"It’s a constant balancing act!"

"There is nothing more magical than the bond with your baby"

"A lie in means waking up past 6am."

"The best memories are often made in the messiest moments."

"You’ll make mistakes, and that’s how you grow."

"The littlest things they do make you so happy."

"Parenting tip: Always keep snacks on hand."

"There’s no such thing as ‘just one more bedtime story."

"Trust yourself, you know your child better than anyone else."

"In the game of motherhood, 'mom guilt' is the boss level you can never quite beat."

"Just when you think you have parenting figured out, your child changes the rules."

"The laundry will never be done. Embrace the perpetual cycle of dirty clothes."

"Parenthood is the ultimate crash course in multitasking. Who needs sleep anyway?"

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