Our first shipment arrived today.  Whilst we had hoped the mats would be ready by now, the first thing to arrive safely was in fact our packaging. This was pretty exciting anyway as we've worked hard to design and source this - the gift packaging part to our product is so important, and who doesn't love a gift box?

But first we had to unload. 


Upon arrival, the lorry driver looked at us both and asked us "Feeling strong ladies?' with a slight smirk (which only spurred us on more). Unfortunately his enormous lorry could only park across the road so we had quite a few trips back and forward to the office unloading 30 heavy boxes of...well boxes, and labels and gift cards. 

When we looked inside we were so delighted to see our packaging and stationary in the flesh and are really pleased with the result. Can't wait to send these out. Just waiting for mats now.....!



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