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Noah's Wooden Ark

£59.96 £74.95

Noah's Wooden Ark by Tender Lead Toys. Our earth-friendly grand ark has been designed to celebrate the natural world. The ark has a wide opening door on one side as well as a top hatch that lifts to reveal a double-deck interior. One end slides out to allow easy access to all the animals, and a ladder makes it easy for them to climb in two by two. There is even a small window in the roof for those tall giraffes! Mr. and Mrs. Noah have collected 10 pairs of animals, can you tell which are the boys and the girls? 

A solid wooden Noahs Ark painted in soft contemporary colours that enhance the use of top quality plywood used throughout. 10 pairs of non identical animals make this ark really special and unique. Animals are hand finished and made from sustainably sourced rubberwood.

Product Information
  • Size: 38 x 27 x 29.5
  • Suitable from 3 year-old

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